CastelBrando’s Highest Christmas Tree in Italy is Declared National Monument

CastelBrando has lit the highest living Christmas tree in Italy. With its 33 meters, it ranks among the top 10 highest in Europe!
It is an Atlas Cedar (Cedrus atlantica), coming from the homonymous mountain range of North Africa, with an estimated age of 200 years.
The Christmas tree, decorated with more than 600 light bulbs has a large star on top that lights up the valley below.

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The huge cedar, of almost 3 meters in circumference and raised across the arena protected by the walls of CastelBrando, is cataloged as a monumental tree and is protected as a historic national supervision.

In this charming atmosphere, on the 5-6-7-8-12 and 13 of December, you can visit the typical Christmas markets.

Numerous artisans will be presenting their exclusive artifacts in the heated theater tent. CastelBrando Christmas houses are protected from the elements, unlike other open Christmas markets, which are exposed to cold and rain. There are also many events scheduled throughout the markets: concerts, night tours of the castle, and so on.
CastelBrando breathes the true spirit of Christmas, including music, themed dinners and entertainment for all ages!

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