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The Claudia Augusta Way
A historical route, a memory, a bridge and a link among many different European points of view and cultures.
History and traditions of the Veneto Region
The book deals with the history and traditions of the Veneto region.
Historical reenactment of the Venetian
An invaluable legacy recalls the glorious past of the Veneto region.
Fire and sword
Past and present heroes.
Power and Justice
The administration of justice in the fief of Valmareno fell to the Brandolini.
CastelBrando over the millennia
CastelBrando has perhaps no equal in Italy for its long, ancient and complex history.
Brandolini (Brando)
“Brando” derives from the Germanic word for “to brandish” and was the ancient name of the family.
Building the castle
"A building must be useful ... and the three qualities must be persued at the construction stage". (Andrea Palladio)
Carpe diem in Castelbrando
Seize the day (‘carpe diem’), and the best pictures of CastelBrando. Pictures like tiles of a wonderful natural mosaic.
Ancient songs and music in CastelBrando
The book is a collection of studies on the evolution of music from the ancient to the baroque age.
Fashion for the powerful
History of clothing in Veneto.
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